The Taoist practice provides us with the resources to extend beyond the realm of our senses. By tapping into our internal resources and channeling the energy around us, we can perceive much more than the senses normally report to the mind. For example, our senses tell us that the Earth is flat, that we are stationary, and that heaven is above us. In reality, the Earth is a sphere hurtling through space at thousands of miles per hour, and the heavens are above, below, and beyond the Earth in every direction. The goal of Cosmic Healing is to connect with the forces from the six directions ‐ above, below, left, right, front, and back ‐ and draw all these forces into the body. Eventually, with practice, one can draw upon all different kinds of energy and use them as needed, thereby, giving form to the formless. Cosmic Healing is just another one of the many resources the Taoist practitioner uses to connect with the Universe. When we are connected to the Tao, life ceases to be a struggle. Through the observation of Nature, the Taoists learned to flow with the stream of energy and forces in the Universe. Cosmic Healing uses a variety of hand movements and body postures to get connected to the energy around us. We draw the energy from the six directions into the body, activate the three fires, open the three Tan Tiens and circulate this energy in the Microcosmic Orbit.


1. Rotate Sacrum: Activates Sacrum Pump ‐ problem because we sit on tailbone.

2. Spinal Cord Breathing: Activates Cranial Pump, Heart, and Thymus by pushing chin back.
3. Shake the Tailbone: Relaxes & opens up the Sacrum and Tailbone.
4. Swatting Down Straight: Sink Down to the ground (Grounding) reaching into the space beyond the earth by using the mind.


The Three Fires refer to the fore energy within the lower abdomen, the door of life and the heart center. 1) Hold the palms down, lifting up on the fingers and connect with the Earth Force.
2) Press the palms out slightly to the front (palms still face down), feel yourself connecting with the chi through the Earth and to the infinite space beyond.

3) Lift the hands and hold a chi ball on the lower Tan Tien. Feel yourself connect to the space and the chi all around you and draw it into the lower Tan Tien behind the navel.
4) Slowly move your arms to the back and hold a huge chi ball on the door of life or Ming Men. Feel the chi ball pulsing and breathing, drawing in energy from the infinite space behind you.

5) Lift the hands up to the sides under the armpits. Point the fingers in toward the heart and direct the chi from the fingers into the heart center.


1) Lift the arms and pour the energy from the Universe into the crown.
2) Bring the hands down to the mid‐eye and feel the chi open the upper Tan Tien in the center of the head (crystal room).
3) Cut across to the top of the ears and feel the energy pour into the upper Tan Tien from the sides of the head.
4) Move the hands to the base of the skull (jade pillow), and again feel the chi penetrae into the crystal room.
5) Next, slowly move the finges down the face, through the throat and stop at the heart.
6) Feel the energy from the hands penetrate into the middle Tan Tien, opening the heart center.
7) Cut across so that the fingers rest under the arm pits, and extend the chi into the heart center.
8) Move the hands to the point behind the heart (T‐5) and feel the chi penetrate into the heart.
9) Next move the hands down to the navel.
10) Feel the chi opening the lower Tan Tien.
11) Cut to the sides of the body, and extend the energy from the fingers into the center of the lower Tan Tien.
12) Move the fingers to the point behind the navel (the door of life) and feel the chi pour into the lower Tan Tien.


1) Lift the hands up over the head, opening the crown center.
2) Bring the hands down to the base of the skull (jade pillow) and feel the chi pour into the base of skull and penetrate into the mid‐eye point.
3) Bring the hands down to C‐7, and feel the chi open all the way through to the throat center.

4) Move the hands down to the point behind the heart (T‐5), and feel the chi penetrate into the heart center.
5) Move the down to the point behind the solar plexus (T‐11). Feel the chi penetrate into the solar plexus. 6) Move the hands down to door of life, behind the navel, and feel the chi opening in the navel center.


The goal of Cosmic Channeling is to connect ourselves to the forces and energies in the six directions. We want to extend our minds to connect with the infinite space and energy around us. Channeling the six directions allows one to extend beyond their bodies and minds and tap into our source of energy, the Tao. 1) Press the palms down, parallel to the Earth.

2) Feel the connection from the Earth to the palms.
3) Extend your chi to connect with the forces below you.
4) Lift the hands to the face.
5) Press the palms out to both the left and the right sides.
6) Inhale draw the forces in from the infinite space from the horizon into the body.
7) Focus on the lower Tan Tien, not the palms. This allows the energy to be absorbed into the body.
8) Bring the hands in front of the mid‐eye.
9) Press the palms out and connect to the infinite space in front of you.
10) Draw the hands back and bring the energy from the infinite space into the lower Tan Tien.
11) Next, lift the hands above the head, palms face down.
12) Connect to the infinite space and Universal energy above your crown.
13) Pour the chi from above into the crown. Keep your mind on the soles of your feet and feel the energy pour through all the cells of your body.