A Life in Balance - The Five Elements


The five elements and the yin and yang are the building blocks of the Universe and are at the heart of understanding Taoism.  Deepen your understanding of Taoism and apply Inner Alchemy practices to yourself more accurately by looking at your own 5-element make-up.  Look at the energy you were born with and the energy cycles you are in at this moment with Inner Alchemy Astrology.  Understand and learn from past events and choices, visualise in-coming energies and prepare for future choices.


Master Chia has spent much time setting up this Taoist Astrology (Chinese Astrology) programme so you can understand your birth energies in terms of the five elements.  Dynamic energy cycles bring different forces into your life over the years too. 2018 is Yang Earth Dog year. (Yang earth is heaven energy, Dog is earth energy) What does that mean for you? 2019 will be Yin Earth Boar…how will that affect you? 


Trace the changes, take advantage of the opportunities, work on the negatives, enhance the positives.

Master Chia has put this special 4-day programme together to help you balance the elements, by adapting the inner alchemy practices, particularly the Fusion Meditations, as efficiently and personally as possible.


Monday workshop: The Essence and Magic of the Elements


What ARE the 5 elements?  They are 5 energies which have been referred to in Chinese as ‘5 energies which act like 5 elements’ for over 5000 years, this term is usually shortened to ‘5 elements’.  As they are energies, these elements forge our character and the way we live.  Taoist inner alchemy practices and body-work treatments are based on harmonising these elements within us to transform our negative energies into vitality and heal our minds and bodies.



·    Your own 5 elements make-up:  see who you are and why? your strengths and weaknesses, highs and lows.  Mantak Chia has spent 40 years developing his own Inner Alchemy Astrology programme, traditional Chinese Astrology calculations with easy interpretation


·    What the elements mean:  and learn some meditations and chi kung to enhance them specifically. 


·    Understand how the 5 elements affect our body: and learn helpful techniques related specifically to our major organ and body systems and particularly to our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.


Using the link below, you will be able to print your Astrological Internal Alchemy Chart and bring it to the workshop.