Special 3-day Abdomen and Enlightenment workshop.


Taoists see the abdomen as the core of the body. The stomach is an emotional centre referred to as ‘the second brain’ and the Tan Tien – just behind the navel – is an energy vortex, a chakra. 


That feeling in our gut is not imaginary; this part of the body contains a large quantity of neurotransmitters, making it a key source of body intelligence. 


Our Chi – energy – is depleted when we are angry or stressed and our ‘second brain’ get can get out of synch leaving us feeling out of sorts.  Taoists believe that both negative and positive emotions are stored in the vital organs, accessible through the abdomen, and that we also ‘think’ with our stomach.  The negative emotions of worry, anxiety, sadness, stress and impatience have most impact on our digestive system, and we feel it in the abdomen.

(Read more about Chi Nei Tsang, a Taoist holistic massage that treats the whole body – physical and emotional - through working mainly on the abdomen).


Tan Tien Chi Kung practices of breathing and movements will help re-dress balance by improving chi pressure, and bringing internal strength back to the body.  These traditional exercises are inspired by animals, which are in touch with their bodies’ instincts and wisdom.

Tan tien chi kung teaches us how to cultivate and condense chi in our lower abdomen, empowering the chi stored in the body to increase vitality, strengthen organs, and stimulate self-healing.

It is our mind that directs and guides our chi, but if the mind and body are out of balance or under stress, the mind cannot do this correctly. Re-balancing the tan tien is very important to restore the mind-body balance that is essential for spiritual growth and optimal well-being.  We can increase the Chi pressure in the organs and body cavities, and stimulate the blood circulation, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems.  Chi and blood will flow more easily and the tan tien’s internal power will help us root our body to the earth, thus providing a safe and effective method for receiving earth energies.  This grounding or rooting, promotes our physical, mental and spiritual balance


These chi kung practices will help reduce the size of our stomachs, firm up abdominal muscles and improve breathing, all an important part of letting our body recover, re-boot and re-set our second brain.

Be aware that this could result in a slimmer waistline!


Master Chia will be combining the practices of Tan Tien Chi Kung with Wisdom Chi Kung in this special 3-day workshop.

As we lower the mind and fill the Tan Tien with Chi, Wisdom Chi Kung teaches us to connect with the universal energies, expanding our awareness out, and filling the body with energy, whilst not losing sight of the physical realm. It is essential to maintain a healthy connection with our bodies, Wisdom Chi Kung does this, by opening the brain to be filled with the knowledge of the Universe, and increasing our own mental capacity.


This practice teaches the art of meditation and physical rejuvenation.  Wisdom Chi Kung is a simple and highly effective method which prepares the mind for higher levels of Universal Tao knowledge.

In a new approach to healing, in combination with Universal Tao healing practices such as the Inner Smile, Laughing Chi Kung and Chi Nei Tsang, Wisdom Chi Kung prepares the practitioner for increased understanding of how to heal the body with an empty mind. It involves techniques for increasing mental alertness, memory, clarity and the ability to maintain this for a lifetime’s meditation connected to the Universe

« The brain calls for so much energy in order to function properly.  The organs can store energy and release this energy into the brain.  When we cultivate organ energy, that power can be passed onto the brain when necessary.  When the organs are weak, the brain lacks energy.  Organs are responsible for different types of wisdom, knowledge and management skills.  When practicing this chi kung you learn which organs are responsible for what sorts of wisdom and performance in the brain. » Mantak Chia


Read more in Mantak Chia’s books ‘Tan Tien Chi Kung’ and ‘Wisdom Chi Kung’.