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The news we have been waiting for… Mantak Chia will be coming back to Paris again in Spring 2023.  He will be teaching the programme that we had to cancel in Spring 2020 but with an added emphasis on the parts of Iron Shirt 1 and Cosmic Healing which are difficult to teach on-line.  The

The weekend basics class is for both debutants and advanced students: Transform your stress into Vitality. Understand your energies, recycle your negative emotions and draw in the healing force of the Universe 

Iron Shirt 1: so named when it was considered an martial art, as you strengthen the body, protecting the inner organs, thus forming an Iron Shirt.  

Following on from the Basics Weekend, you can continue the micro cosmic orbit and enjoy sending energy around your inner pathways

Iron Shirt 1 is also necessary to learn the grounding involved in healing, and to use the earth energies.  Grounding is very important to protect your own energy and to not get sick when helping others. There will be some posture preparation for the Cosmic Healing class which follows.

The tan tien, earth energies, micro cosmic orbit are all necessary to go on to the Healing Love class, and so Iron Shirt 1 is necessary to properly enjoy the benefits of Healing Love.

Indeed, in our system, testing for Healing Love certification is only possible for those instructors who have already passed Iron Shirt.  Iron shirt has been taught on-line during the ‘pandemic’ but it is one of the few practices where it cannot be tested properly on-line. The pushing, both feeling it and testing others, are a necessary part of the learning. 

Cosmic Healing is more pertinent than ever, it is a non-touch transfer of energies healing method, needing personal meditation as preparation.  Although thought of as similar to ‘Reiki’ and Magnetism, Cosmic Healing is part of Taoist Inner Alchemy training and therefore basic meditations and chi kungs are used in its tool kit.

Mantak Chia teaches in English and the Paris seminar will be translated ‘live’ into French by our experienced translators.

The Box Office will open in December, 2022 watch this space……





                  Les Bases Taoïstes - fait pour nos jours 

Transformer Votre Stress en Vitalité

Transform your Stress into Vitality

Awaken the Healing Light


Méditations & Chi Kung Taoïstes

Comprendre vos énergies et  vous détoxifier des émotions négatives

Understand your energies and de-tox your negative emotions



Bases Taoïstes : Orbite Micro-cosmique, Sourire Intérieur, 6 Sons de la Santé

Taoist Basic Practice : Micro-cosmic orbit, Inner Smile & 6 Healing Sounds

Chemise de Fer 1 (avec possibilité de certification)

La Guérison Cosmique






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